Liberty Lodge No 5871 was consecrated on Thursday 13th May 1943 at the Masonic Hall, Great George Street, Leeds. The founding members were all members of Goderich Lodge No 1211 which at that time had eighty nine members and a long waiting list for initiation.

The new lodge prospered and continued to meet at Great George Street until the time came when inadequate parking forced a move out of the city centre and the building was sold. On the 11th January 1991, Liberty held its first meeting at the new Masonic centre at The Allerton, Nursery Lane, Leeds 17, where it continues to meet. Regular meetings are held on the second Thursday of March, April, May, June October and November. Following the meetings, the brethren and their guests dine in the restaurant adjoining the masonic hall.

The relationship with the members of Goderich Lodge continues. The members of Liberty Lodge pay Goderich regular fraternal visits and members of Goderich visit Liberty regularly. Friendships have developed with other lodges and members of the Craft throughout Leeds and the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding and beyond, and from time to time Liberty makes or hosts fraternal visits.

But Liberty Lodge isn’t just about what happens in the Temple. The brethren are friends as well as brothers and have regular social events involving their families.

If you are an unattached or “out of Province” mason living or working in the Leeds area and looking to join a local lodge, a mason from further afield visiting Leeds, or someone not yet a mason but with a wish to know more about Freemasonry and what Masons do, don’t hesitate to contact us.